Riding Mountain National Park

We made it to Manitoba! It has only taken us a month to get this far. At this rate, we should be done exploring Canada by December. Ha! Canada is so huge and there is so much of it that we want to explore!

Another National Park was on our radar, Riding Mountain National Park. Having heard nothing of it before this trip, we spotted it on our map and did a google search. The pictures looked great and it was sort of on our way with a slight detour, so we thought we would give it a try.

We entered the park from the North Side. The road was one of the most terrible roads we have been on that wasn’t an off road mountain road. Wow. It felt like the road we took from the Thai border into Cambodia! Not a first good impression. But as we know, first impressions can be wrong….

Eager to find a place to camp for the night, we explored Moon Lake Campground. Meh. Not impressed. The sites were uneven, and the picnic tables looked like they hadn’t been maintained since the 70’s. So, while we do like it with less crowds, we thought we would make the trek to the South end of the park to the popular Wasagaming (Wa-Sa-Ga-Ming)Campground. Ugh. Not impressed again. The unserviced sites were again uneven, unweeded, and unraked. And while we are just fine with rustic campgrounds, when we are paying $27.40 per night to basically park our vehicle, I expect the picnic table to be washed.

By this time we were all very hangry. Hangry is a real and dangerous thing in my family. Before we all either started crying or yelling, we decided to be-line it to the beach parking lot, make a quick lunch of cheese and crackers and then reassess our options. Life is always better on a full stomach.


Satisfied, we walked towards the beach to check out what all the fuss was about. Clear Lake is quite pretty, and is the main attraction to the park. We then spotted a visitor information centre, so went in to ask the young college students who work there in the summer their thoughts on our camping situation. They recommended that if we did not like Moon Lake, or Wasagaming, we should check out Audy Lake.

After a quick google images search, we were excitedly optimistic that we had found a winner. The only problem was it was 25 km down a gravel road. But what do we have but time?


The gravel road actually did a number on our motorhome. This heavy beast does not do well on potholes and washboards. Mike and I had to repeatedly remember to unclench our teeth every few minutes as the RV rattled and bumped its way along the road. That 25 kms took us a loooooooong time! But look what we found when we got there!

What a camp spot!

unnamed (2) unnamed IMG_2173 unnamed (1)

Three days and nights of complete relaxation, bike rides, playing catch, reading, writing, and games.

Unfortunately the lake is not really swimmable because of swimmers itch and leeches (Hello Manitoba!) and the mosquitoes are quite bad (but they are bad back at home this time of year too). There is also no cell phone coverage which is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because I cannot work, and it is a curse because I cannot work. Luckily I had the forethought to tell my client whom I do virtual assistant work for that we were heading into a park and that cell coverage was not guaranteed everywhere.


Unplugged. Ahhhhhhhh.

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