Bonjour Quebec!

Ah Quebec. We love your French language, your European architecture, your amazing food, and your joie de vie!

We spent a blissfull four days with Mike’s Aunt and Uncle who live just outside of Montreal. Again, we were wowed by some over-the-top-amazing hospitality. How did we get so lucky to have such amazing family?


We had personal tour guides of Montreal who showed us the sites and even lent us their car so that we did not have to drive our RV into the city. Thank you Aunt Janice and Uncle Claude!

37423455_10155492214632233_8762141524776452096_n 37561269_10155492214792233_472143109149425664_n

37403470_10155492214697233_4068669210090274816_nWe loved the area around the Old Port of Montreal. It reminded us of Europe with its beautiful buildings and sidewalk cafes.


We were treated to several meals out and this one took the cake. Breakfast Poutine! Poutine is a uniquely Canadian dish of french fries with cheese curds and gravy. And Quebec knows how to make poutine! This one is a breakfast poutine with eggs and bacon. OMG!


We were also treated to an evening out at a local ice cream and chocolate store. This ain’t no DQ. This is some gourmet ice-cream awesome-sauce!

After our fab time in Montreal, we booked it for the Maritimes. The ocean is calling us and we are ready to answer.

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