Exploring Canada’s Maritimes in an RV

We started our cross-Canada journey from our home in Beautiful British Columbia and went ALL THE WAY to Newfoundland. Wow. What a journey. We loved (almost) every second of it. Canada is so HUGE and so BEAUTIFUL and we are incredibly grateful to be able to show our amazing country to our children. We traveled for just over three months from West Coast to East and feel like we barely scratched the surface.

Some of our favorite places we found were in the Maritimes. Think beautiful ocean vistas, isolated wilderness, cosmopolitan cities, and the friendliness that Canadians are known for.

After our cross Canada tour, we booked it through the States and down to Mexico in just five days (more on that later). We crossed in Maine and went diagonally through the USA to Texas. While we didn’t get to spend time exploring the Eastern States this trip, we do want to go back. From what we saw, we especially would like to return to Maine as it was very similar to the beauty we found in the Maritimes. But maybe next time we won’t drive all the way there. It would be so fun to fly and rent an RV in Portland, Maine on another trip. And this would probably be cheaper too….our biggest expense on this trip was the fuel. $200 CAD just to fill the tank and some days we had to fill it up twice!

We are now in Mexico, fully dug into the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende. But of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about our highlights of Canada’s Maritime Provinces!

Here are our highlights from Canada’s Eastern-most Provinces:

  1. Prince Edward Island: I could live here. And that says A LOT. Of course, we’d still travel in the winter (yuck winters!) PEI stole my heart from the minute we crossed the confederation bridge. There was beauty around every corner with quaint houses, lovely farms, blooming wildflowers, and of course the ocean. I’m happiest at the ocean. (And my family liked it too!)pei1pei2pei3
  2. Boondocking in Nova Scotia: Oh my goodness, we found some of the most amazing boondocking locations in Nova Scotia thanks to the iOverlander App. Seriously stunning locations and all for free!nova scotia 2 Nova Scotianova
  3. Driving Cape Breton Island: One of the most scenic drives in the world. Seriously.cape breton
  4. Exploring the small towns and seaside landscapes in New Brunswick: New Brunswick had a really good small town feel kind of vibe. We loved exploring the little festivals and of course stopping for the requisite tourist photos.newbrunswick
  5. New Foundland….all of it! New Foundland for us is one of those once in a lifetime destinations. It is expensive to get to (we took the shorter 7-hour ferry to Port Aux Basque), it is incredibly remote, and it is just SO far away! But man, are we ever glad we went. The landscape is incredible, it feels a bit like a no-mans land. The emptiness of it was palpable and we loved that. We were able to camp for free almost the entire time in New Foundland because there is just so much space. newfoundlan6 newfoundland newfoundland2 Newfoundland3 Newfoundland4 Newfoundland5
  6. The Viking Village in Newfoundland: A small 434 km detour (each way) brought us to one our children’s favorite spots on our trip, the recreation of the Viking Settlement in L’Anse aux Meadows. The site was discovered in the 1960’s and proved that the Vikings landed in Canada over 1000 years ago. Worldschooling baby! Whoop!viking

We loved our time crossing Canada in our RV. What a beautiful journey for our family and one of our most memorable Worldschool Adventures!

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