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How We Fund Long-Term Family Travel


Money, money, money, money! Of course, this is a topic that EVERYONE is curious about! I think one of the biggest hurdles to making travel part of your lifestyle is figuring out just how to fund it! I have actually been doing some research in this area for a project I am helping with and …

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10 Ways to Save Money to Travel & Save the Planet

Drying clothes on the line!

Our family is frugal.  Living an inexpensive lifestyle has always been a part of our process for saving money to travel, but over the past year we have taken it to a new level.   Our motivation to save money has now become secondary to our motivation to live a green lifestyle. 10 Ways to Save …

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How we do it…..


You might ask, “How can you afford to stop working and travel for an extended period of time?”  My simple answer is, “Because we want too.”  You can do anything you set your mind to!  It’s just a matter of deciding that you really want to do it and then making the sacrifices to make …

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