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Unschooling – What We’ve Learned So Far

At the beginning of this year I was admittedly nervous.  While the principles of unschooling felt right to me, I lacked trust in the philosophy and trust in myself and my sons as well.  I was testing the waters, so to speak, after all how much damage could I do when all we were talking …

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Interview With Raising Miro


Welcome to Worldschool Adventures first of many interviews with traveling families doing extraordinary things!  I hope to do an interview with a different traveling family every month, and for our fist one I am very excited to introduce you to Lainie from Raising Miro on the Road of Life! Miro and Lainie (mother 44 and …

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10 Reasons for Long-Term Travel With Children


1. Spending time together. My number one goal for our trip is to simply spend time together.  Like most fathers, Mike works outside the home five days a week.  When he is not at work he is usually still busy working on our house.  I’m really looking forward to spending all of our time together …

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Unschooling Update

I’m starting to learn just how much the idea of unschooling is misunderstood.  I think it is the word that turns people off.  Unschooling does not mean unparenting or unteaching….a better word for it would be child led learning.  It is about listening to your child.  Seeing what excites them and equally important what doesn’t …

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Our first week of unschooling

Our first week of unschooling has been an amazing journey.  I have been so focused on the boys and I have been more present than at anytime in my life.  I think a lot of  that has to do with the fact that I am reporting on our learning and it has forced me to …

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On Homeschooling

fall2011 027

What if I could raise my  children to have intense curiousity?  What if they became adults who’s self esteem was not only in tact but radiant?  What if they chose their clothing not for the name on them but because it appeased their sense of style?  What if all of their decisions were made with …

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